To the south of Holland House flows a creek (Urajukken River) that was frequented by boats during the Meiji period. Saga and Holland both feature a network of waterways that developed around and are deeply rooted in the people’s daily lives. Programs will be implemented along with Saga Creek Net, an organization promoting the use and preservation of waterways, so participants can use and enjoy the creeks in their everyday lives.

Boat Dock

Wooden boat rides and kayaking experiences will be held regularly on the historic 400 meter Urajukken River at the dock built at Waterside Terrace. *500 yen/person (insurance) (reservations required, canceled in case of rain) SUP experiences, riverbed events, and other activities to enjoy the creeks are also planned.

Waterside Terrace

A variety of events will be held at the terrace on the water, including shops set up in specially made carts, Creek Bar, workshops, etc. Local shops will make this a lively waterside market during Creek Marche.

What is Saga Creek Net?

Saga Creek Net is an organization aiming to recreate life and culture alongside the creeks, with the concepts of “living,” “using,” and “maintaining.”

2018.3.17 - 2019.1.14