Victor Engbers

Creative Activity
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Victor Engbers (1970) is a multidisciplinary artist. His work ranges from interactive projects to performance art, from sculptures to installations, and from graphic work to light art. What binds these seemingly very different projects together is the artist’s ambition of finding new ways of looking at the world at large and the world of art in particular. By stating that his work is about confronting and, maybe, breaking down man made ideas and dogmatic barriers, it follows that he does not feel confined to one expertise, and (also out of curiosity and stubborness) likes to explore various disciplines. In doing so, he also also explores the nature of art. More over, this ongoing search for new perspectives hopefully leads the artist to new discoveries, new media, and new cooperations, which in turn lead to other discoveries, and so forth. In this way, his work can be seen as an everlasting exploration. The artist finds themes and inspiration in science, history, antropology and storytelling. Victor Engbers lives and works in Amsterdam.

2018.3.17 - 2019.1.14