Tetsuro Miyazaki

Creative Activity
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Tetsuro Miyazaki is a half Belgian and half Japanese photographer. He grew up in Brussels and spent most of his summer holidays with his Japanese family in Saga-ken, Kyushu. For most of his life, he has identified as ‘half Japanese’ in Belgium or ‘hāfu’ when in Japan.

In 2016 he decided to compare his experiences with 192 Japanese hāfu: one from every country in the world. This resulted in Hāfu2Hāfu; a photographic project in which he investigates what it means to be hāfu. By portraying and interviewing other hāfu and by sharing their unique identity related question to you – the viewer – we create a dialogue about identity and stimulate self-reflection. He has currently photographed 90 hāfu from 65 different countries.

2018.3.17 - 2019.1.14