Studio The Future

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Studio The Future is an Amsterdam-based editorial and design studio, curatorial team, artist duo, and experiment focused publisher, founded in 2013 by Vincent Schipper and Klara van Duijkeren.

Breaking away from the current idea of publishing, and returning it to the more classical meaning of “making ideas public”, they create space and potential for alternatives to emerge and enter our everyday discourse. By initiating, collaborating, and co-creating, The Future publishes installations, exhibitions, researchers, artist in residencies, lectures, workshops and festivals, which inevitably lead to printed matter — books, magazines, pamphlets, and the sort.

Selection of commissioned / initiated projects: Fiat Lux at MeCA (JP 2018), The Future Residency (JP 2015), FOAM Museum Night Amsterdam (NL 2014), Roppongi Art Night (JP 2014) etc.

2018.3.17 - 2019.1.14