The Holland House is a gallery, café and a waterfront terrace, as one of the pavilions of ‘Hizen Saga Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration Expo’, by using the site from Old Saga Bank Gofuku-Machi Branch, and WaiWai! Container2 and the waterfront (Creek) .

Dutch Gallery

By adopting the idea from the Netherland called ‘Adaptive re-use’, the historical building which was built in 1934 has revived as a gallery. During the period, Dutch creators stay in Saga city, works on creative activities, perform workshops and exhibitions etc.


オSet up a café at the WaiWai! Container 2, with the motif of the western confectionary culture came to Saga through the Netherlands. You can enjoy Dutch traditional sweets ‘Apple Tart’ and ‘Stroopwafel’.

Waterfront Terrace

At the waterfront south side of the Holland House, the terrace with a docking station, there will be various events held such as Japanese boat ride, or experiencing kayak ride.

The Netherlands influenced the modernization of Saga during the time of Bakumatsu-Meiji Restoration, and has now signed an agreement of creative collaboration and exchange (between Saga Prefecture and the embassy of the Netherlands in Japan), also Saga Prefecture is registered the Netherlands as the host town country for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020. Through various exchanges such as Design, Art, Food, or Waterfront activities between Saga Prefecture and the Netherlands, hoping everyone to feel the Netherlands closer, a place to deepen the connection with the people from the Netherlands, and creating new future.

On the Occasion of the Opening of Holland House

Hiroshi Nishimura

In the fall of 2017, I visited the Netherlands alongside creators from Saga. Dutch people act with their own sense magnanimity, and I was struck by the skillful introduction of new values while respecting old structures, creating scenery with a never-before-seen worldview.

At Holland House, collaboration between the Netherlands and Saga is unfolding in the fields of art, design, watersides, food, and more. I feel strongly that, through coming in contact with Dutch people and culture, especially “Dutch Design,” an entirely new vision for Saga’s future will come into focus.

Hiroshi Nishimura

Architect. Born in Saga Prefecture in 1967. Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering. After completing his master’s degree at the University of Tokyo School of Engineering, Nishimura founded Workvisions, a first class-registered architectural office, in 1999. Trained as an engineer but now working independently in the field of architecture, he is ambitiously creating plans for urban revitalization, planning and designing in the fields of architecture, renovation, and civil engineering, as well as directing town building and running a coworking space.

2018.3.17 - 2019.1.14